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According to CFM Resolution nº 1.974/2011), doctors are forbidden to issue reports or to express opinions from a distance to new clients without previous appointment attendance. If wanted so, it is possible to be consulted by one of our specialists either in São Paulo-SP / Brazil or in Rio de Janeiro-RJ / Brazil.

Yes, the robotic surgery is already available as well in SUS, at some reference centres. See: Ministério da Saúde

The costs referred to medical fees can vary according to the complexity of the procedure suggested to the patient, doctor and city. For further information, please contact the doctor (surgeons tab), São Paulo-SP / Brazil ou Rio de Janeiro-RJ / Brazil, to schedule your appointment and obtain a quote after being evaluated.

Potential advantages:

  • - Shorter recovery time in post-operative period;
  • - More precise surgery;
  • - Less pain in post-operative period;
  • - Shorter length of hospital stay;
  • - Less bleeding and infection risk;
  • - Smaller incisions (cuts in skin).
  • - For further information, check the Scientific Evidences area.

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